Do Not Interact:

  • homophobes/transphobes
  • bi/pan/ace exclusionists
  • racists/anti-blm/trump supporters
  • proship/comship
  • transcum/terf/swerf/radfem
  • ableist/anti-self diagnosing/believe that disabilites need 2 be "cured"

Before You Follow:

  • If someone who I am interacting with is problematic please tell me so that I may block them
  • I'm autistic and I can't really pick up on tones super well so tone tags are always appreciated!
  • I am not only comfortable with others tagging me, I will love you to the moon and back if you tag me in something I may enjoy :D
  • I have a bit of a fear of snakes, so please tw them if you can
  • I am always open to receiving tw tags from others, so just tell me what you need to be tagged :3
  • I realise that some of my f/os creators are not the.... best bunch, I do not at all condone the actions they have done and if you are made uncomfortable then please feel free to block me, I completely understand and will not mind

(BTW The Favicons Take You To Different Parts of The Website!)